SecurityTube Megaprimer course DVD’s

Recently @SecurityTube have started releasing Megaprimer course DVD’s. These are the video’s from the website on a DVD for you to watch at home to learn from.

I am showing my support by offering the hosting of a mirror. –

Be sure to check them out at the following links:
@SecurityTube on Twitter
SecurityTube Website

V3n3’s MSN2009HotlinkFixer 1.0

Well after getting sick of old MSN not showing links no more, and then realising that WLE 2011 is a big pile of ****.
I was looking at my pal V3n3’s blog and I found this.

MSN2009HotlinkFixer 1.0
I personally prefer to use the older version of MSN,
but for some reasom Microsoft disabled the ability to click links.
Normally that required people to use a Hex-Editor and such … but I just wrote an app for it.
PLUS, its dynamic :-3
Means you can have any Extension installed, it will find a way around it.
So here it is.
Easy to use … and just tested on my comp :-3
If there are any bugs, contact me:
How to
This app will do everything for you.
First, it will check if the MajorVersion is 14 ( doesnt matter which Build ).
If it is, it will kill msnmsgr.exe and create a backup of it, if something goes wrong.
Then it will dynamicly fix the EXE, if nothing is found … iDunno, write me an Email.
IF something goes wrong and you cant start the Application anymore,
simply click the button below the “Warning” text, delete the “msnmsgr.exe” file and
rename “msnmsgr.exe – backup” to “msnmsgr.exe”.
Maybe write me an Email and attach the EXE to it.
Noone :-3

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