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djekl’s ForumSig

OK so this is a custom php forum script.

It is integrated into your IPB (Invision Power Board) forum and displays the information retrieved in a image.

Here it is in action…
djekl @ WeAreModdies

As you can see you can use any fonts you want. In this one I will be giving the fonts used. However I am not happy with them and will be changing them soon.

Here is the pproject – DOWNLOAD!


simply put in a sub folder of your forum and it will do the rest.

If you use please give credit, also please remember I have only coded this for IPB, and only tested on IPB 3.1.x

NOTE: This is still not yet finished, but once I finish it I may release SRC. You have enough here to make your own tho…


Well I have just set this up. So please give me a little time to get used to it.

Content will arrive soon xD