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V3n3’s MSN2009HotlinkFixer 1.0

Well after getting sick of old MSN not showing links no more, and then realising that WLE 2011 is a big pile of ****.
I was looking at my pal V3n3’s blog and I found this.

MSN2009HotlinkFixer 1.0
I personally prefer to use the older version of MSN,
but for some reasom Microsoft disabled the ability to click links.
Normally that required people to use a Hex-Editor and such … but I just wrote an app for it.
PLUS, its dynamic :-3
Means you can have any Extension installed, it will find a way around it.
So here it is.
Easy to use … and just tested on my comp :-3
If there are any bugs, contact me:
How to
This app will do everything for you.
First, it will check if the MajorVersion is 14 ( doesnt matter which Build ).
If it is, it will kill msnmsgr.exe and create a backup of it, if something goes wrong.
Then it will dynamicly fix the EXE, if nothing is found … iDunno, write me an Email.
IF something goes wrong and you cant start the Application anymore,
simply click the button below the “Warning” text, delete the “msnmsgr.exe” file and
rename “msnmsgr.exe – backup” to “msnmsgr.exe”.
Maybe write me an Email and attach the EXE to it.
Noone :-3

< Download Link >

Windows Live Essentials

Well since I stupidly upgraded my Windows Live Essentials (version 2011 sucks and is wel… Like Vista. A resource hog and slow)

Here are the direct download links from Micro$haft for both versions.

Windows Live Essentials 2009
– For XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008
Full Version Installer English Language version
Web Version Installer – English Language Version

Windows Live Essentials 2011
– For Vista SP2 with Platform Update for Vista, Windows 7, and Windows
Server 2008 SP2 with Platform Update Windows Server 2008 R2)
Full Version Installer English Language version
Web Version Installer – English Language Version

[HTML] Code to embed your Facebook Videos in a web page

OK so this took me a long time to find for the last post so I am posting it here for future reference and to share with you guys xD

Step 1,
Post or find your you tube video and get its full link.
(to get this click on the title of the video, it should open in a new window)

Step 2,
Now we have our full URL we just want the ID this is the group of numbers after “video.php?v=”
Meaning that the ID for this video is 1821187132424

Step 3,
Now to post it on our webpage/blog etc..

Simply copy the code below and replace XXXXXX with your ID.





End Result

BFBC2 Stats

bfbc2 logo header

OK so yesterday I woke up to a Message on Facebook from my friend SAS Chimera saying to look at my stats on Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Well that score was as follows:
djekl (me) = 199
SAS Chimera = 200 (MAX)
xx SwiTcHed xx = 200 (MAX)
Gangster James = 189

So this has lead me to find a stats engine so I don’t need to keep looking on the xbox to see my stats.
Here are the links xD
djekl (me)
SAS Chimera
xx SwiTcHed xx
Gangster James

bfbc2 logo footer

Can you help me with my Dropbox Account?

Dropbox Image

If you don’t know what dropbox is have a look here – About Dropbox | Tour Dropbox

If you can please sign up and install Dropbox using my referral URL you will get your standard FREE 2GB Dropbox, and a free 256mb. And I will also.

Here is my referral URL – Dropbox Referal Link

OH, and it works in Windows/Linux/OSX

Dropbox just works!