A few days ago I finished a new API I have been working on for a long time.

As you have seen before from me I created an API from the official XBOX Gamercard. This was good enough for getting a users information. However the Gamercard data is only refreshed every 2 or so hours. Also there is a big time difference between the en-US and en-GB versions of the gamercard.

Well I am proud to announce that this API has a lot more information, is as real-time as I can get without having XBCDP access, and has that all important Online Status, Full Games list and Achievement lists. Please note that this service will soon have an API limit placed on it, much like Twitters system. I won’t explain this system here as I am yet to fully design and implment it within the application.

Feel free to check it out, use the API and see exactly what can be done with it.
All example links are on the homepage… Xboxapi.com

Xboxapi.com is an unofficial API of the Xbox LIVE Service, it is in no way endorsed or affiliated to the Microsoft Corporation, Xbox, Xbox LIVE and any Xbox images are registered trademarks of their respected owners.

Thanks, djekl