OK so a long time ago Duncan Mackenzie created his RESTFUL API for Xbox Gamertag Data.
Unfortunately, as time has come to pass, Microsoft have updated their site and servers, thus meaning that this service no longer works.

A while ago I was looking into creating my own by reading the RAW HTML from the OFFICIAL XBOX Gamercard. For this method I was using the php function “str_replace()”, this worked but was not efficient or sufficient to get all the information from it cleanly.

So the other day (when I had all but given up on this personal project) I happened to find this PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser over at SourceForge.
Once I found this everything fell into place. With this you can read sections of the data to just extract what you want.

Eventually after a few days of work I have created this djekl’ XBOX Gamertag API. This simply reads all the information from the OFFICIAL XBOX Gamercard and outputs it in a useful XML format for usage.

I may release the full source here on my blog but not sure yet. Still trying to get into the Xbox Developer program since they opened it up to the UK.

So what do you think?


As a few of you have asked how to use XML in PHP here is an example I created a while ago for a different project. You will need to use cUrl to read the XML from my site.