OK so I know I have neglected this project for some time now. And with the v2 still not out of a beta, I am wanting some of you to test this extensively.

When I develop and test this, I only have a virgin board. This means no customisation from a fresh install.
I know you guys can have a heavily modified board.

With V2 I have given you the opportunity to show errors, therefore when your users say there having issues, or you are saying to me you have issues, we can sit down and attempt to figure it out better than “Bad Username/Pass”.

What I am looking for is at least 2 beta testers with modified boards of the following forums.
• vBulletin
• IP.Board v2 and v3 (Invision Power Board / IPB)
• MyBB 1.6
• phpBB3

If you have a forum that is not listed, then please do put down your contact details and the forum, after testing and development of v2 I will contact you to get your forum type developed and tested.


Email: example[AT]domain[DOT]com
Forum Name:
Forum Script:
Modified? YES/NO
If yes, heavily modified? YES/NO
Do you currently use ForumConnect? YES/NO
If you use ForumConnect, is it working? YES/NO



I have now created a testing application for the Beta testers of the ForumConnect 2 script.
Here is what it looks like, and I have also hidden in a small “Controlled Enviroment” test.
It reads the version number from the dll. To use simply enter the URL for the ForumConnect, your private SALT, Username and Password.


DOWNLOAD LINK –> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11393837/ForumConnect_3.zip