I’ve finally decided to finish off my original project, this version now supports:

SMF v1.1 (SMF 1.0 will not work)
SMF 2.0
vBulletin 3
vBulletin 4

I have also fixed a few problems, encoded the user and pass with base64 and protected against SQL injection.

First off you need to save this as “forumconnect.php” and upload it to your server, in the same folder as your forum.
DOWNLOAD LINK – http://apps.djeklDevelopments/Oscars_ForumConnectv2/forumconnect.php.txt

Pastebin link -> ForumConnect by Oscar – ForumConnect v2 – Pastebin.com

Next, you need to download this .DLL -> ForumConnect.dll

Add it as a reference to your VB/C# project.

To use:

Dim forumLogin As New ForumConnect.Login("http://localhost/fc/forumconnect.php")

To login:

If forumLogin.Verify(TextBox1.Text, TextBox2.Text) Then
            MessageBox.Show("Logged in as " & forumLogin.Username & " usergroup: " & forumLogin.Usergroup)
        End If

I’ve also added in a few extra things which aren’t necessary but can help:
forumLogin.PingServer() – See’s if the server is connectable
forumLogin.unValidate() – Logs out

forumLogin.isValidated – See’s if there is a user acually logged in
forumLogin.Salt – Sets the salt
forumLogin.URL – Get/sets the URL
forumLogin.Usergroup – Gets the usergroup
forumLogin.Username – Gets the logged in username

View the origional post here – ForumConnect v2 – Login .DLL – www.Game-Tuts.com