djekl’s XBOX Gamertag API

OK so a long time ago Duncan Mackenzie created his RESTFUL API for Xbox Gamertag Data.
Unfortunately, as time has come to pass, Microsoft have updated their site and servers, thus meaning that this service no longer works.

A while ago I was looking into creating my own by reading the RAW HTML from the OFFICIAL XBOX Gamercard. For this method I was using the php function “str_replace()”, this worked but was not efficient or sufficient to get all the information from it cleanly.

So the other day (when I had all but given up on this personal project) I happened to find this PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser over at SourceForge.
Once I found this everything fell into place. With this you can read sections of the data to just extract what you want.

Eventually after a few days of work I have created this djekl’ XBOX Gamertag API. This simply reads all the information from the OFFICIAL XBOX Gamercard and outputs it in a useful XML format for usage.

I may release the full source here on my blog but not sure yet. Still trying to get into the Xbox Developer program since they opened it up to the UK.

So what do you think?


As a few of you have asked how to use XML in PHP here is an example I created a while ago for a different project. You will need to use cUrl to read the XML from my site.

Jessica Chobot Grand-Theft-Auto

Found this on the web and just wanted to share it here.
1 word… “Sexy!”

V3n3’s MSN2009HotlinkFixer 1.0

Well after getting sick of old MSN not showing links no more, and then realising that WLE 2011 is a big pile of ****.
I was looking at my pal V3n3’s blog and I found this.

MSN2009HotlinkFixer 1.0
I personally prefer to use the older version of MSN,
but for some reasom Microsoft disabled the ability to click links.
Normally that required people to use a Hex-Editor and such … but I just wrote an app for it.
PLUS, its dynamic :-3
Means you can have any Extension installed, it will find a way around it.
So here it is.
Easy to use … and just tested on my comp :-3
If there are any bugs, contact me:
How to
This app will do everything for you.
First, it will check if the MajorVersion is 14 ( doesnt matter which Build ).
If it is, it will kill msnmsgr.exe and create a backup of it, if something goes wrong.
Then it will dynamicly fix the EXE, if nothing is found … iDunno, write me an Email.
IF something goes wrong and you cant start the Application anymore,
simply click the button below the “Warning” text, delete the “msnmsgr.exe” file and
rename “msnmsgr.exe – backup” to “msnmsgr.exe”.
Maybe write me an Email and attach the EXE to it.
Noone :-3

< Download Link >

Windows Live Essentials

Well since I stupidly upgraded my Windows Live Essentials (version 2011 sucks and is wel… Like Vista. A resource hog and slow)

Here are the direct download links from Micro$haft for both versions.

Windows Live Essentials 2009
– For XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008
Full Version Installer English Language version
Web Version Installer – English Language Version

Windows Live Essentials 2011
– For Vista SP2 with Platform Update for Vista, Windows 7, and Windows
Server 2008 SP2 with Platform Update Windows Server 2008 R2)
Full Version Installer English Language version
Web Version Installer – English Language Version