Hey, this is v3n3.
I’m here, on djekl´s site, because my Hosting decided to triple the prices because of the recent Traffic caused by exPE.
So the price did rise from 60€ to 180€, which I cant afford right now at all.
The most importand thing for me is right now that I keep exPE Online and Updated, since I did put a lot of work inside of it since the last update and I dont want to be stopped by that.

People are meant to get the best, for free.

Right now I’m trying to get an Update done, so everything is prepared for when the Server goes down.
I guess the Update will go out tomorrow, already containing a lot of new stuff, but the GameAdder will have to wait till I have a new Server (sorry).

So, please give everyone a big “thank you” to djekl, for supporting the project with this unselfish and unforgettable act.

Thank you